ReelPlatform provides trainers with a place to share their content and engage and collaborate with their customers, whenever and wherever they wish.

Hosting a bank of video clips and resources in a secure online environment ensures your customers all have easy access to the same content.

The platform enhances traditional face to face training sessions and also enables gap tasks or follow up tasks to be set as part of a training course. Training organisations can give access to the content to your staff or sell video resources to your customers.

The closed platform ensures that all content hosted on the platform and all related clips are quality assured by you. This enables only best practice video examples to be viewed, unlike many open social media platforms where the ‘watch next’ clip often take users away to a clip which is not endorsed by the organisation.

  • Provide a place for trainers to engage and collaborate
  • Give everyone access to the same content to ensure a consistency of approach
  • Secure hosting for videos and training materails


You control access for your staff, students or customers, whether paid or free access


Access your learning and development resources via our interactive web-based platform 24/7


Create courses with linked videos and downloadable resources and monitor users progress