Our broadband is quite slow, Will the videos play?

The videos are optimised to work at a whole range of internet speeds, so this isn’t an issue unlike with some video services.

Our organisation blocks video content, will I be able to use ReelPlatform?

Very probably, we have lots of experience of getting videos through lock downs and firewalls. Many IT managers take a positive view because there is no advertising associated with the video player.

We have a ‘best value’ procurement policy for training and this looks expensive.

Many training budgets don’t count the indirect costs of travel, accommodation and time lost from the ‘day job’. ReelPlatform’s methodology cuts these costs radically.

We use webinars so I think we have it sorted, what’s different?

Webinars work well in real time, but often getting everyone together for a webinar is difficult, it’s impossible if your workforce is separated by time zones. And ReelPlatform’s video could exemplify what happens in your workplace, it’s much more than ‘talking heads’.

Our videos contain images of children and vulnerable adults. Can we be confident that these will remain secure on ReelPlatform?

ReelPlatform has a history spanning several years of working with sensitive images. The sign on procedures are kept rigorously up to date to ensure a high level of security and video data is only stored within carefully selected data centres.