We worked with Testt to create a viable online presence for their practice. Testt approached us to help them turn their face-to-face offer into a digital offer that compliments their current suite of training packages.

We supported Testt to turn their training into a series of online video courses for riders, coaches and therapists alike. From this beginning, Testt Online Education was born.

Client background

Testt (Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests) is an equine physiotherapy practice run by Andy Thomas. Andy is an experienced chartered physiotherapist and has spent over 15 years assessing thousands of clients. These range from elite olympic competitors right through to novice riders.

Andy’s work has led him to develop the Testt method, a unique approach to therapy that identifies and remedies pelvic asymmetry and improves rider/horse performance.

Client challenges

Testt has traditionally delivered their unique method using clinics and one-to-one appointments in the UK, USA, Ireland and South Africa. They wanted a digital platform to reach new and wider audiences more easily and generate further income.

During the platform’s development, the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded. With social distancing and travel restrictions in place, this placed further emphasis on Testt to develop their offer online.

Project background

During January 2020 we spent a day filming a clinic and interviewed Andy about the Testt method. This enabled us to develop a bank of unique video clips for use on Testt’s instance of ReelPlatform.

Using our Courses module, Testt are able to sell access to curated educational video packages that are targeted to specific audiences. 

Project results

The Testt instance launched in April 2020. They have successfully engaged a range of different equine professionals across a wide geographical spread. They have sold access to over 30 packages since go-live in April 2020.

The Testt Online Education offer features two introductory packages for practitioners, consisting of over 25 clips each. Since launch we have collaborated with Testt to publish a further three courses which exemplify the Testt method for riders and coaches.