Leadership Plus have launched a new training offer to support leadership teams in schools.

This will help leaders to transform their approach to curriculum delivery, assessment and evaluation.

Client background

Leadership Plus is delivered by respected educational consultant Jayne Bennion. Working nationally and internationally, Jayne’s approach to blended learning is about:

  • Moving professional learning into the 21st Century
  • Providing purposeful blended learning for educational professionals
  • Developing innovation within the sector

We have collaborated with Jayne on a number of projects over the last twenty years and are delighted to be working with her in the virtual learning space.

Client challenges

Leadership Plus wanted an innovative approach to content delivery that matched the ethos of their programme. Gone are the days of delivering face-to-face training in schools, but just transforming a traditional training session to Zoom is not having the lasting impact school leaders need.

Having invested in the creation of a range of video clips to disseminate her new training offer ‘Transforming Learning’, Jayne was keen to find an innovative solution that could be used to deliver this. It was important that the solution controlled access to content, allowed users to access as and when they needed, was secure and enabled Leadership Plus to provide an e-commerce option for purchase.

Project background

In addition to the programme video content, we were able to offer some relevant clips from our large bank of films captured in schools. These supplemented the learning themes well and offered a new dimension to these concepts.

We worked very quickly to develop Leadership Plus, to get this ready for the start of the school term. A series of courses were established that schools could purchase. Our support included uploading content, and setting up the courses ready to go.

Project results

Leadership Plus are thrilled with the results of our collaboration, now having an innovative, secure and flexible web platform from which to sell access to courses. Along with additional content from our extensive video library, a set of comprehensive, themed courses is on offer to schools internationally.

Having worked with Jayne for many years, we are delighted to be involved in this truly innovative offer of professional development for schools.